Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not to Worry Folks

Due to a minor glitch, Figs Olives Wine will henceforth be known as Figs, Bay, & Wine. The new name comes from another one of my favorite Mediterranean ingredients, bay leaves. The herb is trained into towering, impossibly fragrant hedges throughout the region, and I promise that the first recipe I post at the new address will feature the bay leaf in all its glory.

The new address is figsbaywine.blogspot.com, and I hope that you'll visit me there soon. If those of you who link to Figs Olives Wine on your own sites would be kind enough to change the name and address in your link list, that would be wonderful.

I know I've been rather quiet of late, but I miss you all, and I'll be back soon with a full explanation! So come see me over at Figs, Bay, & Wine, where you can still find all your favorite recipes, travel stories, and craft projects.

A presto!